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Aja Relief Hemp Tincture 250 - Daytime


Aja Relief Hemp Tincture is formulated and compounded with medicinal herbs that may help support the body's natural inflammatory response and reduce discomfort. Extracted using a slow, cold-process method practiced by herbalists for a thousand years with organic sugar cane alcohol and organically grown herbs - then expertly combined with hemp, vegetable glycerin, and natural citrus flavors.

Made with Oregon-grown whole hemp flower extract and other certified organic herbs from Southern Oregon.

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin and organic cane alcohol infused with Oregon-grown hemp, licorice root, nettle leaf, valerian root, and burdock root, and d-limonene.

Warning: Hemp may contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids including THC. Work with your healthcare provider to determine daily maximum and duration. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
Suggested Use:
Shake well before use. place 1 serving under tongue for 1 minute then swallow. 
PLEASE NOTE: Sun God Medicinals and it's associates make no claims or guarantees using hemp products will result in a passed drug test. Use at your own risk.

The Herbs:

LICORICE ROOT  (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - An adaptogenic herb that may provide support to the central nervous system. Native Americans used this herb for general aches and pains, as well as in cases of heat and irritation.*

NETTLE LEAF (Urtica dioica) - While touching this plant may cause pain and irritation, it contains vitamins and minerals that may help maintain joint health and flexibility.*

BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium lappa) - Burdock ignites the body’s natural detoxification processes and may assist in eliminating harmful toxins from the body.*

VALERIAN ROOT (Valeriana officinalis) -  Valerian has traditionally been used for discomfort, because it was thought to reduce the sensitivity of nerves.* 

PRECAUTIONS: Don't use licorice root if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant. If you use steroids or an asthma inhaler, licorice root may increase both the effectiveness of the drug and the severity of its side effects. All herbs have the potential for producing side effects and causing interactions with supplements and medications you are taking. Ask your doctor before use.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Nettle Leaf