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Young One's Health Herbal Tea Box

Young Ones Organic Herbal Tea Gift Box

Give the Gift of Health during the Early Years!

Our specialty formulated, small-batch, herbal teas are the perfect gift to help the young one in your life with all natural, organically grown medicinal herbs from Southern Oregon!

Each Herbal Tea:
  • Contains 2 oz of loose leaf, root, and/or flowers
  • No fillers or additives...pure herbal goodness
  • Certified organic by Oregon Tilth

Each box contains 8 oz of herbal tea in four distinct selections:

  1. One Heka Child's Herbal Tea
  2. One Hypnos Sleep Aid Herbal Tea
  3. One Airmed Nausea Herbal Tea
  4. One Heka Serenitea Herbal Tea

Sun God Tea Accessories:

Sun God Medicinals Tea Tumbler and Brewer Mug  Sun God Medicinals Tea Ball Diffuser Sun God Medicinals Glass Tea Bottle