Herbal Supports for Women’s Health

Do you have questions about herbs for women’s health?  Do you often feel that female health issues are not really being addressed at the level they should be? We at Sun God Medicinals want to share our insight into some potential herbal allies, lifestyle supports, and our new women’s health tinctures for women to use during their most femme times.

First, let’s discuss hormones. What are they? How do they influence women’s bodies? On a very simplified level, the female body is like a giant hormone factory. It has many moving parts that don’t always meet the performance standards women are hoping for. Each organ is dependent, on some level, on the directions of the microscopic chemical compounds we call hormones. The main functions of these hormone messenger molecules are to regulate the metabolism for growth and developmental benefits, normalize sexual function for reproduction purposes, and of course support the human body’s varying emotional states. 

There are a variety of reasons why hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and cortisol to name a few, fluctuate throughout our daily lives, but especially during the times of menopause and menstruation. So you can take a deep breath and feel relieved, because It’s not all in your head. Hormonal fluctuations are a normal occurrence to experience that often feel like: erratic mood swings, debilitating cramping and bloating and a variety of other unique symptoms that arise during the monthly hormonal shift of menstruation or during the transition of menopause. 

Sun God Medicinals recognizes the importance of supporting female bodies during these dramatic hormone shifts. We have mindfully formulated tinctures that support both moon cycles and menopause experiences. We use whole-plant extraction processes to ensure each herb in our Eir Moon Hemp tincture and our Eir Menopause Hemp tincture encapsulates the diverse therapeutic constituents they may offer. The combination of the bioregional herbs chosen for these blends have both traditional context and modern research to allow you to experience the healing potential of ancestral herbalism. 

Moon cycle, or ‘that time of the month’ for our lady friends, influences a woman's hormones significantly. Over the course of a month, the body moves through two main hormonal shifts that we can support using herbs and lifestyle adaptations. These phases during a woman's menstruation cycle are known as the Luteal, or estrogen dominant phase, and the Follicular, or progesterone dominant phase. Traditional herbal therapies are frequently used to help guide women through the debilitating symptoms of cramping and bloating, digestive discomfort, and the nervous system tension that goes hand and hand with women’s cycles. 

Menstruation is also a time that we may consider reframing our view of this cyclical experience into one of purification. There are even some Native American tribes that view menstruation as a time of cleansing and rebuilding. As an act of respect for the women during this time, some tribes would incorporate female-only sweat lodge ceremonies to honor the revitalizing cycle the women are going through; they would use herbs such as Chaste Tree and Yarrow to support uncomfortable symptoms that may accompany a moon cycle- read more about commonly used herbs by native tribes.

In Ayurveda, the moon cycle is seen as an opportunity to shed toxins and allow for the regrowth of healthy tissues; this ancient eastern approach is referring to the purification of the reproductive organs and of the entire body. Herbs such as Fennel and Tulsi have been traditionally used to combat the varying symptoms of moon cycles and are still routinely prescribed by Ayurvedic healthcare professionals.  

Similarly, during the transition of menopause a woman's body experiences a huge overhaul of the entire endocrine system - the group of organs which influence our hormone levels most. Many women find simple lifestyle changes such as avoiding hot flash triggers and regular exercise very beneficial for combating the unwanted symptoms that accompany the transition of menopause. Research has shown there may be benefits of regularly taking a Black Cohosh supplement to aid in hot flashes, boost the lobido, vaginal drying, emotional instabilities and excessive sweating.

The added benefits of Cannabis, for both moon cycles and menstruation, further enhances the potential for relief while using our Organic Eir Moon and Eir Menopause Hemp tinctures. Both Menopause and Moon cycles cause hormonal fluctuations to occur which affect the endocannabinoid system. Due to this upregulation and overexcited activity, women may experience pain, mood swings, and muscle spasms. Cannabis directly influences and nourishes the Endocannabinoid system during both Menopause and menstruation, allowing balance to be restored and symptoms will cease to flare as dramatically. 

We, as a society, must respect that everybody is wired uniquely, and therefore we each may respond differently to the suggested support systems. Sun God medicinals recognizes and honors the vulnerable journeys our bodies may go through as females. This has inspired us to create our Organic Eir Hemp tinctures, as well as other products, utilizing herbs traditionally and modernly applied to support a variety of symptoms women may experience.

The Sun God Medicinals team is always here for support and to answer any questions you may have about our available products. Happy healing and let the legends guide you!

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