Sun God Media Kit

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Company Background

Sun God Medicinals - the Brand
All Sun God Medicinals products are blended & extracted from bioregional herbs sourced from Southern Oregon. 

Beginning with herbal teas in 2012 sold under the family farm name, Sunna Ra Acres, and later as a complete Sun God Medicinals Brand in the Summer of 2014 crafted by Brie Malarkey. Our mission is to focus on regional herbs for sustainability, to ensure consumers know where their herbs come from, and to produce products formulated with the health of the end user in mind. From artisan herbal teas and tinctures to soothing topicals and more, the product line aims to demystify medicinal plants and help people find the right herbs, for the right symptoms. In 2016, the herbal product line was certified organic by Oregon Tilth. In the fall of 2018, the family opened Sun God Herbals, Inc to manufacture and distribute the complete herbal and hemp product line.  

Give Your Body What It Deserves: Organic, Sungrown Herbs
At Sun God Medicinals, we strive to provide consumers with safe access to bioregional, medicinal herbs. We create products with the health of our customers in mind - blending, extracting, and producing effective, high quality products that really work for you, your family, and your friends. We source organic materials from ethical companies whenever possible and provide certificates of analysis performed by 3rd-party laboratories for hemp products to help bring our consumers peace of mind.

In the Beginning
Sun God owner and CEO Brie Malarkey formulated our first herbal tea in 2012 with plants grown on the family farm, Sunna Ra Acres, in Shady Cove, Oregon. Originally blending for a family member suffering from loss of sleep, she then offered the teas to the public at regional farmers markets, and eventually through retail stores in 2014. Since its inception, the brand has continued to grow, and now includes 14 different herbal blends in the form of both tea and tinctures.

Mythology and Lore
​We pay respect to the herbalists and medicine people before us by naming each product line after a God or Goddess related to health and wellness from mythologies around the world. Let the Legends Guide You!

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