Eir Herbal Products for Menopause and Moontime by Sun God Medicinals. Formulated by an herbalist with medicinal herbs from Oregon.
100% Natural Support For

Women's Health

Medicinal herbs for moon time and menopause
Custom Blended By An

Specially formulated products featuring medicinal herbs that help to ease discomfort that may come along with menstruation or menopause.*


100% Natural Ingredients
Made With Medicinal Herbs
Non Habit Forming
GMO Free

Eir Womens Health Products

Herbs Found In Eir Products

Black Cohosh

May assist the body with hot flashes and mood swings.*

Organic Black Cohosh

Cramp Bark

May help with cramping by relaxing muscles.*

Organic Crampbark


May help calm an occasional racing heart.*

Organic Motherwort

Red Raspberry Leaf

May provide support to the reproductive system.*

Organic Raspberry Leaf

Red Clover

May help reduce hot flashes.*

Organic Red Clover
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Herbal Supports for Women’s Health

Sun God Medicinals recognizes the importance of supporting female bodies during hormone shifts. We have mindfully formulated tinctures that support both moon cycles and menopause experiences...

Eir Customer Testimonials



I’ve struggled with hot flashes, I’m trying to take the natural route...This tea so far is helping reduce the severity

Bakersfield, CA