Liquid extracts

We will guide you to discovering the right herbs for your specific needs. Below you will see our main tincture categories.

Ra Herbals
Single Herb Tinctures

These organic or wildcrafted tinctures focus on the power of individual herbs. Use alone or combine several to create your own custom herbal tincture blends.

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Multi Herb Tinctures

Known as herbal compound tinctures, these combine groups of herbs that work together toward a single purpose such as sleep support or body relief. A group of herbs working to help you feel better.

Ra Hemp and Loki
Hemp Only Tinctures

These popular tinctures focus on the power of full spectrum sun grown Oregon hemp. Various options for potency and flavor.

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Hemp & Herbal TInctures

Combining hemp and several herbs, these tinctures are some of our best sellers. Effective herbal options that make life more comfortable.

What makes Oregon hemp so special


Oregon Hemp Is Truly Something Special

Our unique soils and climate deliver high quality craft hemp of world renowned quality.

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