Giving Back

Honoring Pride Month

In 2021, during the month of June as part of Pride Month, a portion of all sales from our color coded Legends Line of hemp and herbal tinctures are donated to help them with this work.

Virtual Food Drive

Each year from November through December we raise money and collect food and supplies for Access Helps. They provide food, warmth, and shelter for residents of Jackson County, Oregon. 

This year we have teamed up with our family farm Sunna Ra Acres, and also Breeze Botanicals to combine our efforts. Please donate to our team page, where you can participate from wherever you are!

Walk to End Alzheimer's

From August 2016 through today - during the months of August and September we raise money for the Alzheimer's Foundation in their annual Walk to End Alheimer's. We champion this cause due to the neuroprotective benefits of cannabis (hemp) and the role that they may play in finding treatments for this terrible disease. Did you know that of the top ten causes of death in the United States, only one of them has no known treatment, prevention, cure, or even a means to slow its progression? That disease is Alzheimer's. We raised thousands of dollars for this great cause in the last four years, and this year our target is to raise even more in the future!

Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation

Sun God Medicinals deeply believes in supporting families, our communities, and the Earth. Each year, we choose causes to support that reflect these values, helping to raise money for those in need.