Stressed Out? Try Our Organic Herbal Teas For Mental Ease!

There’s a silent killer in your workplace.  It lurks in the shadows, depleting your energy, sacking your concentration, and shaking your confidence. Everyone who has ever held a job has, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. Let's face it, we juggle many things through the year that bring stress along for the ride.  Whether you need a kick to get you going in the morning,  just a small escape, or want a little stress relief during the day, there’s a handcrafted tea for you here.  Sun God Medicinals handcrafted and signature blended teas are formulated with the health of the end user in mind.  Here are three flavorful teas to help you through the holidays with co-workers:


Organic Heka Anxiety & Stress Tea

One of the Best Sellers, stress release is only a cup away with this specially formulated loose-leaf, root, & flower organic herbal tea blend of all organic ingredients including German chamomile, passionflower herb, oatstraw herb, skullcap herb, St. John’s wort herb, nettle leaf, hop strobile, rose petals, and valerian root. to help reduce stress and fear.  This relaxing tea may help calm the nervous system, while also helping to restore its strength. Herbs like oatstraw and skullcap may ease feelings of worry or fear and allow you to focus on relieving stress! 


Organic Heka Happy Tea

This delightfully uplifting tea helps promote emotional well-being throughout the day. Herbs like peppermint, calendula, and lemon balm help give a stimulating boost to mind and body. Have a cup of this tea whenever you need to see the bright side of things.  All organic ingredients include peppermint leaf, damiana herb, lemon balm herb, skullcap herb, and calendula flower.   All Organic Ingredients: Peppermint, Damiana, Lemon Balm, Skullcap, and Calendula. 


Organic Heka Serenitea Tea

This tea blend is sure to help improve your mood and clear your mind. These gentle herbs, like chamomile, were chosen to help ease feelings of discomfort or tension and instead invite relaxation. Enjoy this tea anytime of the day, whenever it is needed most.  All organic ingredients include German chamomile herb, oatstraw herb, lemon balm herb, and lavender herb.

The Heka product line is made in small batches, gluten-free, vegetarian, and non-GMO using organic sungrown herbs from artisan farmers in Southern Oregon.   Available in 2 oz. package with 20-28 servings to enjoy hot or cold depending on the strength and flavor desired.  Specifically formulated to help with agitation, stress, mild depression, and promotes a healthy immune system. So whatever stress you are experiencing this spring, you'll find a perfect tea to help you escape.

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