What is Herbal Compounding?

The art and science of compounding herbal medicine dates back thousands of years, preserved through traditional uses that have since been updated for modern times and modern health needs alike.  Compounding herbs refers to the process of combining various, individual plant medicines in order to create a formula specific to ones needs.  These formulations can also be used as general health tonics or body system specific herbal therapies.  Sun God Medicinals' herbal and hemp compounded products are formulated to help individuals address particular body actions that may need support. We work hard to maintain traditional herbal extraction processes and are proud to provide customers with a large variety of multi-herb formulations that may support a variety of specific needs—from loss of sleep to helping to strengthen the digestive system and more.  

By compounding a variety of bioregional herbs, we are able to utilize the constituents of each plant more efficiently, providing better relief to our customers than each herb would alone.  Studies have shown that simply adding licorice root extract to an herbal compounded formula can enhance the overall effects of the other herbs themselves—an action that is referred to as the synergistic effect of herbs. Traditions in Chinese Medicine going back thousands of years have paved the way for modern compounding through multi-herb formulations that are comprised of a diverse gamut of healing constituents, purposefully blended together to provide the greatest possible benefits. Traditionally, these multi-plant medicines consisted of upwards of five or more plants per formulation! 

The delicate art of compounding herbs aims to address not only the symptoms presently affecting the consumer, but re-balance and holistically support the health of the mind, body, and spirit while moving through many health challenges.  As luck would have it, modern technology has ensured that our access to this ancient knowledge is readily available, and there are many practicing herbalists eager to dispense their multi-plant formulations through teas, tinctures, salves, and many more compounded herbal offerings. The basis of traditional, allopathic western medicine is steeped in the science of blending herbs, and appropriately enough we have begun to re-discover the magic these herbal allies contain and finally shed the “one-pill fits all” paradigm. Just like we all need a little help from our friends, our herbal medicines do too. Sun God Medicinals is proud to offer a broad range of both herbal compounded formulas as well as single-herb products to help address a variety of specific needs, for those of us too busy with our fast-paced modern lives to learn these traditions of herbal medicine and compounding that have been passed down for thousands of years in countless cultures and traditions.  

To help simplify selecting herbal compounded products and help guide our customers in finding the right herbs for the right support, Sun God Medicinals organizes our products into body action categories named after legends from antiquityAirmed, the Irish keeper of the mysteries of herbalism for digestive support. Aja, of West African Yoruba legend that taught healers their secrets for body relief from aches and discomfort. Eir, the powerful Norse Valkyrie for women’s reproductive health.  The ancient Egyptian god Heka, to calm the mind and may reduce worry & fear. Hercules, the powerful son of Zeus, for supporting muscle tension. Hypnos, the underworld denizen of Greek mythology to help induce restful sleep. Panacea, the Greek goddess and legendary cure-all to support the immune system and may boost the body’s natural defenses.  Virtus, the Roman deity of strength and bravery to support men’s health.  

We also offer a variety of single-herb products, including topicals, tinctures, edible oils, and more.  Loki, the trickster of Norse mythology, for our highest-potency CBD products. Ra, for a full line of 43 different single-herb tinctures, hemp-infused MCT oil, CBD-rich hemp topicals and pure decarboxylated hemp capsules.

The team at Sun God Medicinals is honored to offer these products in retailers nationwide, on our website at SunGodMedicinals.com, and a variety of other online retailers including Amazon.  Enjoy the power of bioregional herbs from Southern Oregon, and Let the Legends Guide You! 

Note: Please consult a medical professional if you are taking any pharmaceutical drugs, as these may be affected by various herbal constituents in compounded formulas.

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