Hemp Pet Oil Usage

Questions about CBD-Rich Pet Oil Use?

Rule #1: there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to determining the “right” CBD usage for your pet. The effective amount for each animal is different based on their body chemistry, severity of concern, weight, concentration of the product, and more. One or two drops may be effective for one animal, but another animal may need several dropperfuls of the same product.

Rule #2: it is typically best to start low and gradually increase usage over time until you experience the desired result. Patience is key. While some animals get results immediately, some people report not seeing results for weeks.

    Formulate A Plan For Finding Your Pets Optimal Use

    It’s important to understand that an incorrect serving size of our pet oil may inhibit your animal's the best chance of success. If their serving size is too low, the animal may not feel any effects at all. And if you give them too large of a serving, they may experience undesirable results such as headaches, nausea or a general worsening of symptoms.

    Our recommendation for finding the right CBD usage for pets is start low and increase the amount slowly over time as needed until you notice improvement.  

    Determining The Right Starting Amount

    Starting suggested serving sizes of our hemp pet oils for pets are commonly based on the weight of the animal. This can be used as a guideline for how many milligrams of CBD that you should start with based on customer feedback and testimonials.

    • 1 – 25 lbs: 1 to 2 mg of CBD (1-2 times daily)
    • 25 – 50 lbs: 2 to 3 mg of CBD (1-2 times daily)
    • 50 – 75 lbs: 3 to 4 mg of CBD (1-2 times daily)
    • Over 75 lbs: 4 to 5 mg of CBD (1-2 times daily)

    It is recommended that you start on the low end of the suggested use levels above and observe your pet’s behavior for a week. If no improvement is noted, you can then increase the amount a week at a time. When you start to notice improvement, you have likely reached the optimal use level.

    Translating Starting Use of CBD In Milligrams Into Millimeters

    We are whole-plant herbalists and as a result each batch of our product may contain slightly different cannabinoid levels.  Our Cannabinoid-Rich Hemp products are dominated by CBD, but also may contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids like CBC and THC (Please note: trace THC is allowed by law in hemp).

    Each batch has a complete certificate of analysis posted on our website as well as the mg of each cannabinoid detected per ml printed on the bottom of the box.  We recommend each consumer reference these numbers with each batch purchased as results may vary slightly.

    Our pet oil products contain a syringe in every box for easy measurement of ml.  


    At Sun God Medicinals, We Encourage Our Customers to:

    1. Consult with their veterinarian in regards to ANY herbal products as the health of the animal may be impacted by medicinal herbs and other environmental factors.  
    2. Keep a journal and monitor their pets behavior.
    3. If any adverse effects detected stop use and contact veterinarian.

    If you have further questions please call our Customer Care line at 888-470-7394