Sun God Medicinals invites you to explore our line of effective herbal products, made with the natural ingredients consumers prefer.

Shoppers look for "better for you" options to help them feel confident in the products they choose. At Sun God Medicinals, we are proud of our commitment to ingredients of the highest quality.

Our goal is to guide everyone to the herbs that can best benefit their lifestyle and body needs.

We make this easy with our color coded product lines designed to make finding the right products simple.

To help demystify healing herbs - we selected legends from world mythologies to serve as mascots, quickly guiding your customers to the right products for their specific needs.

Our labeling is color coded to help your shoppers get what they need and to help them discover more products they may enjoy.

Our products are made with Oregon herbs and Oregon hemp, sourced from local suppliers who value sustainability. All of our products are tested beyond state requirements for purity and potency.

Set your store apart by offering our unique and effective herbal products, knowing that you can feel good about what is inside.

A Diverse Line Of Trusted Products

Since 2014, we have been crafting effective herbal medicine using the bioregional herbs of Southern Oregon


A smooth, enjoyable herbal smoking blend formulated by an herbalist with medicinal herbs.

Quickly becoming one of our most popular items!

Hemp & Herbal Tinctures

Herbal compounding at its best!

Our signature tinctures work to infuse the right Oregon medicinal herbs & strain specific Oregon hemp in certified organic vegetable glycerin and cane alcohol. Each tincture formulated for specific body actions and symptoms like loss of sleep or muscle ease.

You'll love how easy it is to recommend the right herbs and customers love the targeted herbal focus!

Hemp Only Tinctures

Some customers only want hemp with high CBD or CBG. Maybe they are on a lot of pharmaceuticals or have unknown conditions, but still want organic herbal goodness without a lot of fillers or subpar additives.

These popular tinctures focus on the power of full spectrum sungrown Oregon hemp with varying options for potency and flavor.

Hemp Beauty Products

Beauty products are great impulse buys with higer price points.

Help your customers to de-stress with "better for you" beauty products with no harmful ingredients.

These soothing body care products designed to relax, pamper, and revitalize the skin and muscles.

Hemp Capsules

Offer your shoppers a more discreet way of getting their hemp.

Convenient pre-activated hemp ground into powder, in capsule form. These are easy to take on the go, and great for customers with dietary restrictions.

Hemp Pet Oils

Pet products are one of the fastest growing categories of hemp items.

Sales have tripled in recent years as pet owners discover just how much these products help their dogs and cats. These customers return often to buy more, making this item a great way to build customer loyalty.

Pet oils attract customers who will keep coming back.

Herbal Tea

Help your customers discover their next favorite tea.

We offer 15 unique organic herbal teas made from healing herbs grown in Southern Oregon. Customers love giving these as gifts too.

We also offer bulk sizes so you can serve these teas in store.

We Help You Increase Your Sales

Easy to set up in store diaplys help your shoppers find the right products fast.

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