Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation

For the entire month of September, Sun God Medicinals is proud to be supporting the Childhood Cancer Foundation.  During September of 2019, we will be donating 1% of all sales* made on  You'll also have the option to donate additional funds* yourself at checkout if you so choose!

Fighting childhood cancer as well as supporting the families affected by childhood cancer is a deeply personal cause to us here at Sun God.  When searching for a good cause to raise money and/or awareness for, we look within, at our families, friends, and colleagues.  We wanted to support a cause that would have a direct impact on our community as well as those close to us, and one of our Production Techs helped inspire us in our search by pointing the Sun God Team towards a charity that's deeply personal to them, and that they're already actively raising money for themselves.

Our very own Joie from the Production Team had this to say about why fighting childhood cancer is important to her:

I am passionate about advocating for childhood cancer because my daughter Jade was diagnosed with very high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was 15, and was not allowed to use cannabis as medicine during her chemotherapy treatments, which spanned over nearly 3 years. She was taking an absurd amount of pills every day for her symptoms and side effects on top of the damaging chemo and steroids.
My daughter suffered a lot during that time with low immunity, infections, blood clots, and avascular necrosis which resulted in a double hip replacement surgery at the age of 18. While we are extremely grateful that she is in remission, she still has a lot of residual mental, emotional, and physical issues, due to the damage done to her body; even 6 years after her diagnosis. She now uses cannabis to treat most symptoms at the age of 22, with very little assistance of pharmaceuticals.
Because of this nightmare we went through, it is my wish to help another family's child avoid some of the difficulty. I have made it my life's mission to connect the cannabis and childhood cancer communities so that there is more information and less stigma regarding kids and cannabis, and cannabis in general. As an example, my daughter was prescribed 4 different pills for nausea, a main side effect of chemotherapy, when there are tinctures, capsules, or other ways to administer CBD or THC, that could have provided relief. I would like people to understand the difference between CBD and THC, and be informed of the other wonderful cannabinoids and terpenes that make up the cannabis plant. By breaking it down in to terms people can understand, I feel it could take some of the mystery from the topic. Also, explaining the many safe and convenient ways to administer cannabis to children, as I think many people have the notion that kids have to smoke and/or get "high" off of it, when in reality a small drop of oil under a tongue or a capsule of dried flower can be taken with as much or little psychoactive effect as needed.
Pain is also a major issue that comes with cancer as well, and unfortunately it's much more acceptable to prescribe every narcotic imaginable, creating addictions that many times are not managed or followed up on after the treatments end. It can and does happen.
So, I feel that even if cannabis isn't being used to attempt to cure the cancer, allowing it to be used along with other medications could eliminate the need for a lot of the extra pharmaceuticals these kids have to take. Their poor bodies are already being ravaged during the chemical warfare against their cancer, and I think less toxic, more natural treatments for symptoms and side effects should be considered as a means to create less collateral damage to the children. 
Joie is running her own campaign to donate money to alongside Sun God's own efforts.  You can donate directly to Joie's fight on her Facebook page here.  
Please join us this September in helping to raise money to fight this terrible disease. 

*Donations will be pooled at the end of September and donated directly to  The total contributions donated to Stillbrave will include 1% of all sales and any voluntary customer donations at checkout, minus merchant processing fees.