Organic Hemp Pet Products

Formulated By An

Our hemp-infused pet oils are specially formulated with supporting herbs that may help dogs and cats with with mood, worry and fear, mobility, overused muscles and overactive nerves. They contain nutrient-dense olive oil, herbal allies, and Oregon-grown hemp.

These gentle hemp and herbal blended oils are specially formulated to support their body's systems.


100% Certified Organic
Made From Medicinal Herbs
Free of Filler Ingredients
GMO Free

Organic Hemp Pet Products by Sun God Medicinals. Formulated by an herbalist with medicinals herbs native to Oregon as well as sungrown Oregon hemp.

Sun God Pet Oils Are

Formulated By An Herbalist
100% Certified Organic
Made With Full Spectrum Hemp
Free of Filler Ingredients
Fortified with Healing Herbs

4 products

4 products

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Medicinal Herbs & Whole-Plant Hemp For Pets

As hemp is ingested, be it by human or animal, it is metabolized into through the endocannabinoid system. Much like our anatomical make-up, our animal friendsalso embody these cannabinoid receptor systems in order to break-down and utilize the potent medicinal compounds found in Hemp.