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We source organically grown healing herbs and craft them into effective herbal infused tinctures, salves, pet products, and more. We focus on herbs that can be cultivated within 100 miles of our home in beautiful Southern Oregon.

Our products are formulated by an herbalist, and blended without filler ingredients.

We pride ourselves in producing quality herbal products, and in helping people find natural solutions for their body needs.

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We realize that you may need help when shopping for herbal products.

We created color coded products named after legends of healing from various world mythology.
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Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh thrives in the wet Pacific Northwest climates, both in the wild and cultivated in gardens and parks. It is best known for its medicinal usage as a female reproductive tonic and for providing mild rheumatism relief. Modern research has explored its potential benefits for addressing certain symptoms associated with menstrual cycles and other women's health concerns.

Herbal Products for Women's Health

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