Herbal Allies for Little Ones

   The anatomical make-up of children may seem like a no brainer- they’re just tiny adults right? Not exactly… So can they use the same herbal therapies as adults? While most herbal remedies are considered gentle enough for children’s use, there are some precautions to consider before utilizing just any herb out there- here is what you should know. Things to think about may include whether the herb could cause allergic reactions, or if they contain constituents that may interact with other medications. Always keep in mind that our little one’s bodies are much more sensitive than those that are fully grown, and may react differently when given the same herbs at the same serving size. There are certainly many approachable herbal remedies that have both traditional and modern context, adding to the empowerment of our health choices and the health of our families. 

   Botanical medicines, when boiled down to their active ingredients, are very similar to the pharmaceuticals we are accustomed to using or purchasing from any pharmacy- that’s because modern drugs are essentially the isolated forms of the active ingredients responsible for the healing mechanisms of the medication. A great example would be Willow and how over time we have isolated the beneficial compound, salicylate, and used it to produce medicines like Aspirin and anti-rheumatic drugs. Some herbs that are recognized for their innate healing abilities, meaning they do not ‘push’ one way or the other as to cause further irritations and unwanted side effects, have been highlighted by organizations such as the American Botanical Council and the German Commission E pharmacopoeia as approved herbs gentle enough for safe, adolescent use.

   There are many bioregional plants in Southern Oregon, rich in healing capabilities, that have been utilized by the first people of the area for centuries to treat both adults and children alike for a variety of ailments. By recognizing the herbs and plants used by those before us, it helps us to preserve these vital medicinal remedies. These included herbs such as Chamomile and Yarrow, which are gentle vulanaries that may help to soothe an upset stomach and calm emotional disposition. Peppermint and Lavender were also used in many folk remedies to treat inflammation, increase mental focus, and combat fatigue.

   Some herbs are recognized for their innate healing abilities, meaning they do not ‘push’ one way or the other as to cause further irritations and unwanted side effects, including common florals such as Chamomile and Calendula, or more fragrant botanicals such as Lemon Balm and Peppermint. Each of these herbal therapies provides a relief in a unique way, from topical applications for aches and tension relief, to tea blends that may help reduce fear or nervousness and balance an over excited nervous system.

   By responsibly cultivating and harvesting these plants, we can preserve their traditional uses and highlight their much-needed reintroduction back into our ecosystems and medicine cabinets for the whole family to enjoy. Botanical remedies have been used globally amongst ancient and contemporary cultures for countless medicinal uses, and to increase general vitality. Many of these herbs have also been adapted into the daily diets of these cultures to promote healthy growth patterns, to balance and nourish all of the organ systems, and aid in the prevention of many illnesses.

   There are a number of reliable resources that focus on children’s health and herbal remedies that are worth exploring if this resonates with you, but remember there is no “one herb fits all” and we all metabolize and react to herbs differently. Always consult with a health care professional before adding any herbal remedies to you or your child’s routine, especially if there is a pre-existing condition or if your child is taking any medications. That being said, most herbs are scientifically researched and are an effective way to treat and prevent a variety of unwanted conditions. Your healing starts right in your own garden- time to explore and demystify the world of plant medicines together!

   Sun God Medicinals does due diligence to ensure that the herbs used in our children-specific formulations are approved through research to be safe for a little one’s use. Amongst the plethora of therapeutic botanicals at our disposal, Sun God Medicinals focuses on the abundance of bioregional offerings in the Southern Oregon area. We focus on the importance of responsible agricultural techniques, sustainable harvesting practices, and place a strong emphasis on community engagement. We include herbs used by indigenous tribes of the nation specifically as to help preserve these vital medicines for the people, to repopulate and replenish the land with these healing herbs, and to further educate and be educated by these powerful plant medicines. By embracing these gentle healers that are growing all around us, and by highlighting their innate therapeutic value, Sun God Medicinals is able to demystify the plant medicine world together and begin to heal our entire families.

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