Sustainability matters at Sun God Medicinals. Here is what we do to help reduce our carbon footprint and safely manufacture quality herbal products.Sustainability matters at Sun God Medicinals. Here is what we do to help reduce our carbon footprint and safely manufacture quality herbal products.


Our commitment to our planet

We take our commitment to mindful manufacturing seriously. As a natural products company our goal is to provide you with the best herbal products, manufactured in ways that preserve our environment.

Organic Matters

Why should you choose organic products?

Organic farming is better for the environment because its practices involve less pollution soil erosion, and energy.

Organic growing keeps toxins out of the air, out of the drinking water, and out of the soil.

Less pesticide use means more pollinator populations thrive. We need the bees!

We offer a wide variety of certified organic products, made from sustainable GMO free ingredients.

Organic ingredients are better for the earth and for our bodies.
Packaging Matters

Did you know that product packaging is an alarmingly large percentage of what we throw away?

Whenever possible, we use conscious packaging choices like recycled paper, plant based inks, and compostable packaging.

While this packaging comes at a higher cost, we consider this our investment into the future of our planet.

Sustainable options like recycled materials, pllant based inks, and compostable packaging help us to reduce consumer waste.
Learn why our suppliers are part of our committment to the planet and its environment.

We Choose Our Suppliers Carefully

We only work with suppliers who align with our core values of unwavering quality, giving back, and environmental sustainability.

Meet Our Suppliers
Why We Support Local Farms

Family farms are a staple of our economy in Oregon.

The herbs we buy are farmed in ways that respect the land. We prefer small farms that do not produce on an industrial level.

These farms harvest in smaller batches, which allows them to keep a closer eye on quality and consistency.

Supporting these family farms keeps Oregon's economy strong while supporting local jobs!

Supporting local farms means keeping the money local, while also helping feed hard working families like our farmers.
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