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How to Brew Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea Instructions

Essiac tea is made from ingredients traditionally used by herbalists to help support the natural processes of the body's systems. These herbs may help the body with inflammatory response, support the health of tissues and lymph glands, improve well-being, and increase appetite.*

Unlike most teas that can be brewed on-demand, Essiac tea is a concentrate, or decoction, which must be prepared ahead of time. The decoction is then mixed with water prior to consuming it.

In order to brew Essiac tea, it must be boiled, steeped overnight and stored in the refrigerator. The shelf life of an opened jar of Essiac tea is typically about two to three weeks. If you'd like to increase the shelf life of your home-brewed Essiac tea, consider using sterilized utensils and vessels throughout the brewing process. 

Ingredients You Will Need to Brew Essiac Tea:

How to Make Essiac Tea Decoction:

Step 1: Bring water to a boil. Two ounces of Essiac tea mix and five quarts of water should make one gallon of tea. 

Step 2: Pour Essiac tea mix into boiling water. Steep, covered, at a medium boil for approximately ten minutes. 

Step 3: Remove water with tea from heat. Collect the herbal matter from the sides of the pot and transfer back into the water, then cover. Allow the Essiac tea decoction to sit at room temperature for ten to twelve hours. 

Step 4: Prepare jars to store your decoction. For a better shelf life, you should sterilize the jars using a canning kettle or large pot and boiling them for at least five minutes. Be sure to sterilize the lids of the jars as well. 

Step 5: Reheat the Essiac tea decoction until it is steaming, but not boiling. Use a stove; never microwave Essiac tea. 

Step 6: Remove the decoction from heat and allow it to sit for around five minutes. This will allow the sediment to settle to the bottom of the pot. 

Step 7: Pour the Essiac tea decoction into your previously prepared jars. Using a funnel and strainer is preferable but not necessary. Sediment in the bottom of the jars is normal even when straining and the sediment can be consumed as part of the tea. 

Step 8: Allow the decoction to cool in the jars, then refrigerate to store.

    How to Take Essiac Tea

    Once the decoction is made it is not necessary to reheat the tea prior to consuming it. For one serving, mix one to two fluid ounces of decoction with two to four fluid ounces of hot water (Essiac tea can also be prepared with cold water if you prefer it). Suggested usage is one serving per day. It is not recommended to consume more than two servings per day.

    People who consume Essiac tea regularly are encouraged to take “time off" (i.e. one day a week, or one week a month, etc). Essiac is best consumed on an empty stomach. Drink it slowly, and wait at least a half hour after you finish your tea before you eat anything.

    Discard unused decoction if your Essiac tea ever tastes sour, or if there are any visible growths on top of your decoction jars. These can be signs that the decoction has passed its shelf life.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.