Ingredient Profile: Organic Oregon Hemp

Oregon Hemp Is Something Special

The most important factors influencing the quality of any crop are the natural conditions inherent in the land where it grows. Hemp harvested from the lush, green fields of Southern Oregon is world renowned quality. Oregon farmers produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich craft hemp.

From seed to stalk, these beautiful plants complete their full growth cycles, coddled at every step by an environment that perfectly meets their needs.


Location Matters

Planted typically in late May and brought to harvest around mid-September, the hemp plant grows well in Oregon’s dry, sunny summers. As the season goes on, the root systems of hemp grown in Oregon respond favorably to the lower soil temperatures during cold evenings, allowing them to take in more nutrients. The state is also located on the 45th parallel, which farmers and researchers agree is an ideal growing environment. 


We Only Use Organic Hemp 

Organic matters to us! In order for hemp to be certified organic, hemp producers must demonstrate they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances. Multiple inspections are required and must be passed. We only work with certified organic hemp when making our products.


Oregon Law Requires Extensive Hemp Testing 

You can feel better about what goes into Oregon hemp as well. Oregon’s hemp plants are tested for “food-grade” quality and strictly screened for traces of 70 types of pesticides and contaminants. The purity of Oregon hemp is lab tested and held to more exacting standards than most other regions of the United States, with rules that far surpass those of other major global hemp producers.


Look For Oregon Grown Hemp

It’s the perfect climate conditions here in Oregon that produce the country’s best hemp crop. Consumers should be aware that not all hemp is the same. Products that feature “Oregon Hemp” offer a promise of higher quality.