We Produce Award Winning Products

The NEXTY Awards recognize the most progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products available within the natural products industry. We are proud to have taken home three NEXTY awards, in our mission to help people discover herbs!

Our First Win

Our first award came from one of the biggest categories. Hemp products of all kinds were closely scrutinized. Our organic Aja came out on top, from a long list of natural products. Our products just stand out!

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Our Second Win

Our hemp menopause tincture took the category by storm. There simply aren't enough natural products for women in menopause, and the judges saw both the quality, and the effectiveness of this product and gave us the win.

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Our Third Win

This ever popular immune support hemp ticture was selected as the NEXTY best condition specific supplement in 2022. Both consumers and the industry itself are recognizing our products as both innovative and effective.

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Why The NEXTY Awards Are A Big Deal

The NEXTY awards help elevate impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and planet.