Blood: Removing Toxins Since the Day you Were Born

Do you know your blood type? This is probably as far as your conversation extends when chatting about blood, but there is truly so much to know about the nutrient rich fluids pumping throughout your body. Did you know that blood pumps at a rate of five to six quarts per minute- that’s about 2,000 gallons of blood being circulated to each cell, daily!

Our blood makes up about 7% of our total body weight, and is responsible for not only distributing hormones, electrolytes, gasses, proteins, glucose, and of course water (which accounts for about 90% total blood plasma), but blood is also responsible for our immune system health. This means that if your blood is unhappy and depleted, chances are your immune system is too..  

When red and white blood cells undergo a process of separation using a machine called a centrifuge, the heavy, iron-latent red cells sink to the bottom of the tube and the more transparent fluid, or plasma, remains neatly afloat above. By separating blood we can further analyze the contents and hopefully provide insight into possible areas of support. Our diets and lifestyle choices play a huge role in our pulmonary health- from mindfulness and meditation for reducing blood pressure, to consuming red colored fruits and vegetables, which are particularly supportive for the heart and circulatory system. 

Traditional herbal medicine has utilized circulatory herbs, such as Yarrow and Hawthorn, that support the large detoxification organs, like the heart and liver, in order to therapeutically address stagnation. These “symptoms” of stagnant energy can appear as arterial or vessel plaque, weak liver functioning, depleted kidneys or trouble urination, hormonal imbalances, and many other presentations.

Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest specifically, utilized stimulating and nutrient rich herbs such as Dandelion Root, Burdock Root,Yellow Dock, Mugwort, and many other species of botanicals for both acute and chronic conditions. Each of these herbals were identified by healers and community members as important foods to integrate daily as to prevent diseases and other unwanted ailments, especially during the colder months.  

Modern science has allowed us to translate these traditional herbal applications into researched findings to support the use of herbs such as Licorice root, Oat Straw, Nettle and the many other bioregional offerings, to support blood health and the overall detoxification process amongst all the organ systems. The American Botanical Council recognizes the important role certain botanicals, such as Hawthorn, can play in pulmonary disease prevention and treatment- read more on The Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E report of their scientific findings. This is another interesting outlook on the Traditional Chinese Medical model of utilizing herbs for circulatory health. 

Integrating these therapeutic plants into your life does not have to be a complicated process- it can look as easy as a few droppers of tincture in your favorite beverage or a sprinkle of herbs as seasonings to your favorite meals, get creative and mix your own tea blend, or buy a pre blended product that resonate with you.

Sun god Medicinals makes it easy to choose the right heart-supporting herbs to use in times when you can use a bit of support. Our Heka Serentitea Tea Blend and Eir Moon Tea Blends make a great compliment to any heart-opening routine through their rich blends of nervine, cardioprotective, and anti inflammatory botanicals- also available in tincture form too! We choose these bioregional delights specifically to not only cultivate a sustained health within ourselves, but also the planet. 

We are always listening and improving, and would love any feedback on our products. We are always here to help guide you toward the herbs and products that are right for you and your family. Let the Legends guide you!

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