Massage & the Aromas of Relaxation

We could all use a good massage every now and then. Often we find ourselves ignoring these urges, which can lead to tension in our muscles and nervous system overtime. Though we recognize that massages can be expensive, vulnerable, and inconvenient for many that does not mean you need to sacrifice the myriad of benefits massage has to offer- from increasing circulation to improving your immune function, the list goes on! 

Sun God Medicinals knows the importance of massage and when paired with certain aromas, how immensely supportive a massage can be for physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Let our legends and aromatherapy guide you to the right massage oil or topicals for your next at-home spa day.

Each of our massage bath & body oils are a gentle, 100% natural therapy for the skin, as well as physical and emotional well-being with the right essential and fragrance aroma oils to support a range of effects from sleepy time to muscle tension. 

Our Aja Massage Oil provides aromas of Lavender, Chamomile, & Clary Sage for help with body aches and discomfort. It is also compounded with herbs that may support circulation, the inflammatory process, as well as relieving stress.

Our Heka Massage Oil provides aromas of Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, & Cardamom for mental ease and stress relief. It is also compounded with herbs to support overall emotional and nervous system balance. 

Our Hercules Massage Oil provides aromas of Cypress, Lavender, & Marjoram to help with stiff and sore muscles. It is also compounded with herbs to support muscle relaxation.

Our Hypnos Massage Oil provides aromas of Lavender, Sandalwood, and Rose to help bring sleep and a sense of calm. It is also compounded with herbs to support sleep. 

All of our massage topicals are a blend of luxurious oils, like almond and grapeseed oils, infused with whole-plant hemp to ease the muscles and bring relaxation, without the psychotropic effects of ingested Cannabis. We then carefully incorporate the appropriate essential oils that correlate with the desired body relief, allowing specific attention to be had on the areas of our body in need of the most support. 

We really enjoyed this breakdown of the types of massage and target areas they correlate with in this article titled, The Benefits of Self-Massage. These practices are easily implemented after a warm shower or while in bed, after the muscles are relaxed. The practice of massage is even more advantageous when partnered with the potent healing abilities of plants such as Cannabis and other therapeutic volatile oils. 

So start a massage train, or make it an intimate night with yourself or your partner, because you and your loved one’s deserve a bit of pampering. These practices are healthy additions into any self-care routine, and may increase your connection with others and self. We suggest gently warming your oils before your massage, creating a relaxing ambiance with candles or incense, and enjoying a soothing cup of tea before or after your practice. Try a cup of our Serenitea Herbal Tea blend before or after your next massage session! 

By pairing therapeutic herbal remedies in conjunction with a self-massage routine you may be able to increase these benefits even further. Lucky for us, the Southern Oregon region is full of traditional herbal remedies that we extract and infuse into many of our Sun God Medicinals topical products, from our silky-smoothe oils to our potent salves and lotions. With all of the stress we have in our lives, it's important to take time to relax, release, and indulge in a little massage as a part of your daily self-care routine.

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