A Surprisingly Large List of Herbs You Can Smoke


  • Learn which herbs can be smoked
  • Understand how those herbs feel when smoked
  • Explore three ways herbs can be inhaled
  • Why herbs are often blended when smoked
  • Recommendations on herbal smoking blends 

    Did You Know Some Medicinal Herbs Can Be Smoked?

    Many people aren’t aware that smoking and inhaling herbs is an ancient way of administering medicine. Earlier this month we wrote a whole blog on this! While this may be a surprise, we bet the list of smokable herbs is actually longer and more surprising than you might expect.

    In general, a lot of herbs can be smoked. That being said, some herbs are much better for this use than others - especially when it comes to both flavor and smoothness.

    Answering A Common Question: Which herbs can I smoke?

    A Surprisingly Large List of Herbs You Can SmokeHere is a list of commonly used smoking herbs and their properties. This is not an all inclusive list - but these herbs below are all native to Southern Oregon - and therefore each of these botanicals are herbs we work with in making our products. Keep in mind that herbs work differently for different people, however this list represents herbs which have been smoked for hundreds of years.


    Catnip - Smoking catnip may help to relax the mind.*

    Chamomile - Smoking chamomile may help to ease stress.*

    Damiana - Smoking damiana may enhance euphoria.*

    Hops - Smoking hops may deliver a calming effect and support sleep.*

     Lavender - Smoking lavender may help to relax your body.*

     Lemon Balm - Smoking lemon balm may help ease tension.*

     Motherwort - Smoking motherwort may help open your perception.*

     Mugwort - Smoking mugwort may help aid in lucid dreaming.*

     Mullein - Smoking mullein may help soothe the lungs.*

     Nettle - Smoking nettle may help relax your body.*

     Passionflower - Smoking passionflower may help ease restlessness.*

    Peppermint - Smoking peppermint may help calm nerves.*

    Rose Petals - Smoking rose petals may help to elevate your mood, and they also add great flavor to any smoking blend.*


    Skullcap - Smoking skullcap may help to calm the nerves.*

    Remember, this is only a partial list of the many herbs that can be smoked for various reasons and benefits.

    Are they used one at a time or together?

    Most often when it comes to smoking, herbs are mixed together to create a specific taste and effect. These are known as herbal smoking blends. Herbs often work better when used as a group. This effect is known as the synergy effect.

    These blends also help to ensure an enjoyable smoking experience, by blending the sometimes strong flavors of these plants together.

    How are medicinal herbs smoked?

    There are a few ways you can use our unique smoking blends. 

    One is to use rolling papers. Choose “natural” papers if you can. Commercially made papers are often loaded with chemicals.

    Pipes are the most common ways to smoke herbs. From the old corn cob pipes to the new stainless steel pipes, there are many choices.  

    You can also use our blends in any vaporizer rated for herbs, which provides a vapor instead of a smoke.

    Does Sun God make herbal smoking blends?

    We do, and just like all of our other products they are made with organic medicinal herbs. We offer three certified organic smoking blends, and we recommend these smoking blends as tobacco alternatives.  Each of our blends are formulated by an herbalist, and are 100% tobacco free. These make fantastic gifts for anyone looking to reduce tobacco use or transition away from tobacco.


    Heka Visionary Organic Smoking Blend

    Smoke at the dark and the full of the moon to increase your visionary powers. Many people report altered perception due to the motherwort in this smoking blend, and vivid dreams, courtesy of the mugwort!*

    Learn More About This Blend!


    Hypnos Sleep Organic Smoking Blend

    This hand blended herbal smoke is a delightful mixture of herbs that may enhance your dreams while you sleep! A wonderful smoke before bed. The taste is delightful and gentle on the lungs.*

    Learn More About This Blend!


    Panacea Transition Organic Smoking Blend

    Formulated with herbs used by traditional herbalists that may help with cravings, ease nerves, open the heart, and soothe the lungs.*

    Learn More About This Blend!


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