Brie Malarkey, Owner and Founder, Woman Owned, Activist

A Letter From Our Founder


From: Brie Malarkey, Founder and Ceo Sun God Medicinals

To: Our Valued Community of Customers

I understand that many people are feeling the effects of the current economy, It is important to me and our entire team that we continue to support you with herbal products that benefit your health and well-being and that you have come to rely on.

As a team, we have discussed this in-depth and at the core of who WE are is you our customer, and your health journey. We also take supporting the small farms that we work with and that provide us with beautiful organic herbs to formulate our products very seriously. I believe in community and we are in this together.

We are fortunate in that we formulate, extract and manufacture in our own facility, this allows us to produce the best quality herbal products with the highest of standards and it also allows us to tighten our belts, If we learned anything through the pandemic, we learned that we can be creative and do more with less. Our team is amazing and passionate about our mission and our customers, and are willing to do what it takes to keep our products affordable.

To this end, we are working to lower our prices across many of our products, this will take some time as we identify opportunities to provide you with savings, over the next few weeks (starting today) we will be announcing products that have had price decreases.

Our first price reductions are:

Ra Hemp Sativa - Was $49.99 Now $44.99

Ra Hemp Indica - Was $49.99 Now $44.99

Green Dragon -    Was $79.99 Now $50.00

Loki 2000 -          Was $89.99 Now $50.00

I know this sounds crazy during a time when everyone is raising their prices - but we deeply believe in our mission as a company. We do not want our customers looking for alternatives to products that they know and love.

I am forever grateful for your support of Sun God Medicinals.

In Health,



How We Source Our Herbs

We only work with suppliers who align with our core values of unwavering quality and environmental sustainability.

Why Oregon Hemp Is Special

Hemp harvested from the lush, green fields of Southern Oregon is of world renowned quality.

Oregon farmers produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich craft hemp.

Sustainability matters to us. How we make our products matters to us. Why? Because we love nature and her plant gifts!

Our Environmental Commitment

Everything we make relies on nature, her cycles, and being mindful of protecting them.

Learn how our organic approach means less impact on the environment, how our products are made with intention, and why these things matter.

Protecting Our Planet
The Ingredients We Use

We care about everything that goes into our products, because we know you care about everything that goes into your body.

Whenever possible we prefer certified organic ingredients.

How We Extract Our Hemp

We extract beneficial compounds using certified organic cane alcohol.

Our extraction is done using a slow, cold-process method practiced by herbalists for a thousand years.

For most of our products, this is then expertly infused into medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil.

Hemp extraction methods vary. Here is why we process our hemp the way we do.
Why Full Spectrum Matters

We only make full-spectrum certified organic hemp extracts (never chemical isolates). This means our CBD content is derived from the plant itself, and not from seed.

A "full spectrum" hemp extract is an extract that contains the broadest amount of phytochemicals, with nothing removed.

While some studies suggest CBD may be beneficial on its own, other research suggests that CBD’s beneficial effects are stronger when combined with other hemp plant compounds. This theory is called the entourage effect.

Full spectrum hemp matters. You deserve the most planty goodness out of your hemp products.
We Lab Test Our Products

We conduct full testing on all of our hemp products and go beyond the standards of state required testing.

We test for potency, as well as any residuals or pesticides. All Sun God Medicinals hemp products display a batch number on the label or box, which allows you to see these test results.

Our herbal education area is perfect for anyone exploring medicinal herbs. Learn about the individual herbs that grow here in Oregon and what they can do to assist your body cycles and functions.
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