Meet Our CEO and Founder

An Outspoken Advocate
Brie Malarkey

A self-taught herbalist, mother, and entrepreneur, Brie Malarkey is the founder and CEO of multiple seed-to-sale herbal companies in Southern Oregon, including Sun God Medicinals.

She has been studying plant medicine since 2008, and first started selling her herbal blends in 2012 at the local Medford, Oregon farmer's market.  She works to blend herbal allies from the Southern Oregon region to help people address specific needs in products like teas, tinctures, and topicals.

Sun God Medicinals works to demystify herbs that work synergistically together. 

Brie Malarkey, Woman Owned, Founder

What Matters Most To Her

Brie has a deep passion for plants and takes pride in her family farm. She is often found out with the plants, but loves to share her knowledge of plant medicine and works hard to bring awareness to the herbs and plants of Southern Oregon.

Demystifying Herbs

Brie works hard to help people understand the medicinal herbs of Oregon and how those herbs can help make life feel better. The entire philosophy at Sun God is to help guide people just like you - to the right herbs for your needs.

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100 Mile Healing

Brie chooses herbs which grow within 100 miles of Southern Oregon, to ensure that we only produce products that work in harmony with our local environment. This promise also helps support our local growers and producers.

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Local Sustainable Supply

Brie carefully selects and inspects all suppliers to ensure that they match our commitment to quality, sustainable practices, and to keeping Oregon healthy and green. Whenever possible, using certified organic ingredients.

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As An Educator

Brie Malarkey is an accomplished speaker, educator and policy reform advocate.

Business Talks

Brie has presented her Understanding Medical Cannabis presentation at senior centers, AARP conferences, community centers, church groups, etc. She also presents at business conferences on topics like compliance with packaging and labeling regulations.

Hemp Advocacy:

Danielle Lin Show

Speaking On Industry

Panel Engagements: ​

The Hemp Industry Daily Conference 2019

Strategic Partnership: You Can't Do It Alone (Video)

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) 2017 


Manufacturing our herbal products supports the region's herb farmers, hemp producers, wildcrafters, and family businesses like our suppliers - through our commitment to source things locally. Sun God Medicinals is a family business.

Oregon families like ours thank you for your support.

Family Owned and Operated, Mother, Sun God Medicinals, Family Business