Serve Teas & Tinctures In Your Store!

Did you know we offer bulk hemp tinctures and teas for you to serve in your restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, spa or store?

After years of asking by our co-ops and tea shops for bulk teas we now have four options to choose from. At the same time bars,nightclubs and coffee shops have been asking for our whole-plant CBD-Rich hemp tinctures to offer as a drink additive.

We have answered this demand with these bullk size offerings - which also happen to be our best deal per ounce for both Teas and Tinctures.

1 Kilo Bulk Loose Leaf, Root, & Flower Teas AVAILABLE NOW!

Priced to generate revenue per mug, but also perfect for customers to sample as a way to help you sell the 2 oz boxes for customers to take home! 

16 oz Bulk Hemp Tinctures AVAILABLE NOW!

Ra Hemp Green Dragon "Classic" Tincture Certified organic tincture of potent, bioavailable whole hemp flower with activated compounds preserved in organic sugar cane alcohol. Pure and potent, this tincture has a bite but is sure to please. Infused with hybrid flowers for a balanced experience.

Drink Making Hint: A pure alcohol tincture with an herbal taste this would be a great one to blend other other strong flavors.

Add to: drinks in combination with other alcohol.

Ra Hemp Sativa Tincture This wonderful liquid tincture of certified organic hemp infused in MCT oil is full of CBD, plus some CBC, CBG, and of course trace amounts of THC as allowed by law! Extracted using the AC/DC sativa hemp strain. 

Drink Making Hint: MCT oil looks like a melted version of coconut oil. It acts [nutritionally] like a concentrated version of coconut oil. And it has a neutral taste, so it blends with virtually anything.

Add to: drinks in combination with another un-emulsified fat.

Sun God Medicinals invites you to explore our line of effective herbal products, made with the natural ingredients consumers prefer. Shoppers like to look for"better for you"options to help them feel confident in the products they choose.We are proud of our commitment to ingredients of the highest quality.

Our goal is to guide everyone to the herbs that can best benefit their lifestyle and body needs.

We make this easy with our color coded product lines designed to make finding the right products simple.

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