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Co-Op Marketing

Working together to achieve your goals

Together We Can Accomplish More

At Sun God Medicinals we value and support our retail store partnerships.
We know that providing tools and opportunities to work together helps us all grow quicker than we ever could alone.


We partner with you to create
discounts for your
customers to enjoy

Co-Branded SIGNS

We work together and share ad
space on a sign to
help both businesses


We work together and share ad
space online or in email
to help both businesses


We create custom TV slides
for your store highlighting
products to help sales

View examples

Money Saving Opportunities To Grow Your Sales

We have many ways you can work with us on your marketing efforts to help you keep your costs down. Get information about ways we can partner together to help expand our mutual message. In store events, advertising, signs, and more. Complete this quick form and we will contact you.

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In the message area add the name of your business, and describe any proposed marketing projects you are interested in.

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