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Herbal Gifts Feel More Personal

Organic Herbal Teas

Help your customers discover their next favorite herbal tea.

We offer 15 unique organic herbal teas made from medicinal herbs grown in Southern Oregon.

Our teas are especially unique because they offer specific body benefits such as mood and stress support, sleep support, women's products, and even something specially blended for kids.

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Multi-Herb Tinctures

Herbal compounding at its best!

Formulated for specific body needs like loss of sleep, womens health, stress support or muscle ease. A group of medicinal herbs working together.

You'll love how easy it is to recommend the right herbs and customers love the targeted herbal focus!

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Herbal Skin Care

Beauty products are great impulse buys with higer price points.

Shoppers love these thoughful self care gifts with no harmful ingredients.

These soothing body care products designed to relax, pamper, and revitalize the skin and muscles.


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