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Herbs: Gifts From Nature To Help Life Feel Better

Let's begin by defining what an herb is. Herbs are plants (and sometimes mushrooms) that are known to contain phytochemicals which support our bodies and their systems.

By understanding herbs, we can take advantage of these wonderful gifts from nature. Did you know that many modern pharmaceuticals are simply synthetic versions of herbs? In fact herbs may assist our bodies with all sorts of natural functions from sleep, mood, digestion, immune support, and even body comfort.

To help you understand medicinal herbs we created this awesome resource:

Herb Glossary - 40+ Medicinal Herbs Defined

How Medicinal Herbs Are Used

Some herbs are used in dried form, with herbal tea and herbal smoking blends being the most common examples. For some herbs we use the whole plant, while others are harvested for their roots, seed, and flowers. We source our herbs from local family owned farms to ensure quality.

Many herbal products are also made with herbal extractions. This process uses a solvent to extract the beneficial oils and components of an herb. These are in liquid form and can be used to make tinctures, topicals, and edible products.

The way an herb is extracted will effect how our bodies can process its benefits.

Learn How We Extract Herbs and Hemp

Herbal Product Categories and Their Specific Benefits

Once you know which herbs are right for you, the next step is selecting the right herbal product for your needs.

Herbal products come in several forms. Each of these products offers its own benefits.
This guide will point you to the right choices based on your needs.

A Soothing Ritual Your Body Will Love

For those just getting into herbal medicine, teas are a great way to start.

Because tea is something you are already familiar with, this is the easiest way to add herbs into your life.
Tea is a great option because it causes us to slow down and make a new habit of brewing the herbs.

We offer 15 herbal tea varieties, each meant to assist the body in specific ways.

Discover Our Tea Collection

Quick, Convenient, and Fast Acting

Tinctures are the most common herbal product, and this is in part because they are fast acting and can be mixed into beverages.

Tinctures are liquid extracts from the plant, which allow us to get the beneficial compounds of the plant without eating or ingesting the plant matter itself.
Because liquids partially bypass your digestive system, your body starts absorbing the tincture sooner.

There are several tincture types to explore, including tinctures with multiple herbs!


Self Care For Your Joints and Muscles

Topicals like lotions, salves, and massage oils allow us to treat our bodies to some external pampering. For those with active lifestyles or careers that take a toll on the joints and muscles, hemp and herbal topicals are a true life saver. Made only with the purest and best ingredients. Discover how herbs can help make life feel better.

Treat yourself with a relaxing at home spa experience.

Learn More About Topicals

Know What You Are Getting!

When choosing a supplier of herbal products, information is power. Knowing where a product comes from, and what goes into making it will help you choose confidently.
You want a product that is safe, effective, and free of filler ingredients or GMOs.

Our next page is designed to teach you all about how our products are made and tested


Prefer To Talk With Someone?

We understand that choosing the best herbal productsmay seem intimidating. Lease us a message here and we will contact you and help guide you through the process.

We honestly love doing that!