Ingredient Profile: Organic Oregon Herbs

Organic or Wildcrafted Oregon Herbs

Southern Oregon is a region rich in biodiversity. This unique geographical landscape is home to more than 50 native medicinal herbs. Our favorable growing climate produces a wealth of helpful plants.

We work with these herbs to create natural products designed to help people live more comfortable lives. We use only organic, or wildcrafted herbs which are batch tested for quality.

Oregon Soil Makes A Difference

Oregon has some of the most productive soil in the world. Oregon's state soil type is called Jory, which is a deep, highly productive soil, rich in organic matter and is found exclusively west of the Cascades. Good soil means Oregon herbs have a better foundation on which to grow, resulting in high quality medicinal herbs.

We Blend Herbs That Work Well Together

Many of our items are herbal compound products. This just means multiple herbs selected to work well as a group. Some of our most popular items feature at least three Oregon herbs.


Explore The Herbs We Use 

We are passionate about teaching other about the many benefits of herbs. So much so, that we created an herb glossary featuring bioregional herbs from Oregon just for you. Click here to learn more.