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Herbs can vastly improve our lives. We will begin by looking at the main product categories.


15 unique organic herbal teas made from healing herbs grown in Southern Oregon.


We have single herb, multi-herb, hemp & herb, and hemp only options. Something for each and every body need. 


Soothing body care products designed to relax, pamper, and revitalize your skin and muscles.


Get the potency you need and the convenience of fast acting edibles in a variety of options.

Hemp Pet Products

One of our most popular items. People are discovering that hemp & herbs can make their pets lives easier too! Formulas for body comfort, nervousness, digestive support, and muscle ease.

Go beyond the label and learn how and why we choose our ingredients and who supplies them.

How Our Products Are Made

Go behind the scenes at Sun God and learn how we make effective herbal products everyone can enjoy.

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