Beat The Shutdown Blues with These Memorable Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is a special time for most couples. It has always been a reason to celebrate love and togetherness. Typically couples enjoy a fancy dinner, a fun night out on the town, or a getaway to their favorite city or rural area. Unfortunately for many, this year's plans are somewhat hindered thanks to COVID-19. Couples will have to change their Valentine's day routine. Despite this restriction, Valentine’s day will still be a time for celebrating intimacy with your partner. How will you adjust?

Here at Sun God Medicinals, we want you to have the best “at home” Valentine’s Day possible. We have some suggestions on how changing your way of thinking can provide new opportunities for a memorable day. Consider this: What if you look at the positives of changing the usual routine, instead of just the negatives?

Part of what makes this day special, is the extra thought that goes into how we celebrate our partners. We can still show how much we care in new ways that may be more memorable than a standard yearly date night.

Consider that you aren’t missing out on that fancy dinner. Perhaps you are missing out on paying for that expensive dinner! Cook an affordable meal from scratch and spend the extra money on a beautiful gift. 

Maybe instead of going out, you break out some old nostalgic photos to look at from your life together. What a great way to rekindle the feelings from a time when your relationship was young. Sometimes what we immediately see as loss, is simply an opportunity provided for something new.

Instead of seeing a movie in theatres, rent a movie that means something to you both and re-watch it. Pick a campy not so serious movie from your favorite streaming service to laugh at. Or choose a movie you both loved as kids and watch it again - but together. Creating new memories is easier when you try something outside of the box.

Just because there is a pandemic, it doesn’t mean that Valentine’s day is a lost cause. Make the most out of the 14th, and use it as a chance to relax and spend time with loved ones. Life is too short not to enjoy the little moments!

Speaking of little moments, how about a not-so-serious couple’s photo shoot that you make together. Recreate historical photos in a funny way, make cheesy over-posed couples photos that can be used for fun on social media, or simply dress each other as awkwardly as you can, by using clothes that you each select from the other’s closet. Think of it as a fun reverse makeover, where the goal is only to make each other laugh.

As for our last tip, may we suggest our line of hemp massage oils? These luxurious massage oils create an at home spa experience and are formulated with certified organic hemp and aromatic oils. With four scented selections our hemp massage oils each have their own purpose, ranging from mood and relaxation to muscle or body relief. Even if you have never tried exchanging massages, and feel like a beginner; your partner will always appreciate the intimate touch and the thought behind the gift.

If you still want something familiar, that feels a little more traditional to give - check out our infused candies and treats! We wish you a very memorable Valentine’s day, and we hope you truly celebrate the one you love!

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