My Search For Sleep Lead Me To Herbs

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. In fact, it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Unfortunately, the pace of life can often interfere with our bodies natural sleep patterns. Because of this, it is important to identify ways we can assist our sleep cycle for times when sleep eludes us.

My personal journey with sleep issues began twenty years ago when I began to notice my usual sleep pattern change drastically. Like many, I did not appreciate the importance of good sleep until it was gone. Suddenly I found myself unable to sleep through the night, and unable to get more than four hours of rest at most.

I did what anyone would do. I researched the available remedies from over the counter and prescription to holistic treatments and body work. I changed eating habits. I tried detox regimens. I attempted meditation (which as it turns out is extremely difficult while deprived of rest). I wish that I could tell you it was easy to find relief. I tried diets, giving up caffeine, patches, pills, vitamins, oils, audio therapy, sleep therapy, and the list goes on. I searched for the next 18 years for anything that would work and found little relief. I began to see my lack of sleep as something that I could not remedy and would have to learn to live with. 

After almost giving up, a friend mentioned the herb Valerian, and how it had helped them in the past with adjusting to working night shift. He needed to learn how to sleep during the day, and he found Valerian to be helpful.

After some research, I found a few products with Valerian in them and decided to give them a try. I found the Hypnos Sleep herbal compound tincture as part of that search. After trying a few tinctures, Hypnos seemed to be the clear winner. Unlike other tinctures, Hypnos continued to help for more than just a few days. My theory is that the combination of herbs in this product are working well for me as a group. Hypnos Sleep herbal compound tincture has organic herbs like Chamomile, Hops, and Lemon Balm working alongside Valerian.

While everyone’s body is different, and results are quite individual - I would lightly recommend that anyone seeking support for sleep give this tincture a shot. I take mine with some water just before bed. I’m especially happy that this is an all natural product with ingredients I feel good about. There are different versions of this product line including a Hypnos hemp & herb tincture, Hypnos massage oil, and a delightful Hypnos herbal tea.

About a year later, fate brought me to a job listing here at Sun God Medicinals and I joined the team in 2019. Already a huge fan of Hypnos, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the team here and dedicating my work efforts to helping others like me discover herbs and herbal products that might benefit their lives. Plus getting a behind the scenes look at how Hypnos is made is pretty neat.

One thing I’m very passionate about with my work here, is the great Herbal Education section we have created for others like me - to discover the many herbs available to them and how those herbs can work towards making our lives better. In fact, just knowing that I’m now helping others find herbs that may make their lives more enjoyable - that helps me sleep a little better too.

Matt Jameson
Sun God Herbal Team

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